Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Graduations and a Party

Well, this is it. Tomorrow is my last day of Freshman Year. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I know I should be relieved and happy, but something just doesn't feel right. Things are sooo different now, and I think all I want is a little bit of normalcy back in my life. After all, two high school graduations is kind of a lot for a (very emotional) girl to handle. "What graduations?" you may ask. Why, my brother, Megaman, and Jimr's, of course! Here's Megaman:
Megaman's graduation was Sunday and Jimr's graduation was on Monday. I took plenty of video at both, but none of it is going up here (sorry) due to the fact that in the videos people are yelling out the real names of both Megaman and Jimr and what schools they go to, and you know I'm trying to retain some privacy here, so I'll keep those on the DL. But anyway, the whole graduation thing is freaking me out. I swear to god, just yesterday my brother and I were still little and taking baths together, and now suddenly he has a high school diploma and a beard! (Kind of. Seriously, Megaman, shave more often.)I feel about a thousand years old, which is not something a 15 year old should be feeling. And Jimr's graduation freaked me out because it kind of broke the illusion that him going off to college is a long time from now. As long as he was in high school, it was cool. But now he's graduated, and he's leaving in October to go all the way to Utah! He says we have forever, but 4 months is not forever by any stretch of the imagination. I just can't imagine spending 3 (2 or 3 or something. I don't even wanna know.) years without him! I think I'm secretly terrified that he's going to go to Utah and find some girl who is far cooler and prettier and is much more well-versed in computers. (Jimr once asked me what kind of laptop I owned and I said a black one) I have never met anyone quite like Jimr before and I don't want to lose him :(. But anway, let's lighten things up a bit! This Saturday is Megaman's graduation party and Mrs. MumfordMcAvoy is coming, and so is Jimr's brother, who I think I will jokingly call Larry the Lifeguard. Triple M is pretty pumped to meet this guy, for she recently broke up with her (former) boyfriend (Sir Mantitties, I think I'll name him. Let me know if that's too harsh.) and is perfectly ready to look for someone else, preferrably someone who will not treat her like crap. We both decided someone related to Jimr was the answer very quickly. I think awesome is in their blood. Lastly, here are the Of The Days! Quote: "What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." -Pearl Bailey. Photo of the Day:
I didn't take that one (obviously, I'm in it) but I thought I'd show you guys what Colours USED to look like. Oh, and here's Megaman a bajillion years ago..:
(I'm fairly certain he still has that tie) Finally, the word of the day: Reminisce- indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. Love, Colours.


  1. Don't be scared, Jimr is nothing but faithful and logical, and logically it is not wise to hurt a female... because the outcome really isn't worth it. :D But seriously... he really likes you a lot and is extremely faithful it would be outside of his character to hurt you.

  2. Thanks. I feel better now :)
    (P.S. How'd you get to be so cool?)