Friday, August 3, 2012

Matrimony-Related Squeals

I love weddings. It's not quite an obsession, but say the words 'veil' or 'cake topper' and my little heart starts to flutter. I'll even admit that my best friend and I have already started to plan our weddings. We're working under the logic that if you're engaged and already know you want to get married, why waste all the time you could be married planning the wedding? (We're a little strange, sure, but think about it.) Anyway, my love for weddings is only part of the reason for the excitement for the wedding I attended Thursday, which was between Jimr's sister and her husband. (I think their names shall be Nova and Serene here) I have been waiting for this wedding since February and the day before I could barely contain my excitement.

I was probably more excited than I should have been, but whatever. Marriage is a happy thing. Deal with my matrimony-related squeals. I woke up at five in the morning the day of the wedding so I would have enough time to get ready, which included activities such as wrapping the present and eating too many pizza rolls and curling my hair and daydreaming about Jimr in his tux.

Eventually Jimr, his dad, his brother Larry the Lifeguard, and the dog Rustie came to pick me up and take us all to the church where we help set up and got dressed. After all the daydreaming, when Jimr stepped out of the bathroom we used as a changing room in his tuxedo, one might say I was mildly impressed.

(Despite what he seems to like to say about himself, I think Jimr is quite attractive.)

After we dressed, we helped set up, pictures were taken, and we sat in on a couple of the rehearsals. Then, at 7:00, the wedding finally started. It was a little more of a party than a wedding. Everyone danced down the aisle to LMFAO'S Party Rock Anthem. It was kind of a blasty-blast. First came the groomsmen and the bridesmales (guy bridesmaids), and then it was Nova, the groom, then the flower girl and the Maid of Honor, and then Serene, the bride. They kept dancing even when they got up on the stage.

After everybody had made their entrance, the lights went down and we all took a seat to watch a video that the couple had put together. It consisted of a bunch of really neat video clips of all kinds of different cool things, and it had little 'interview' sequences in which Serene and Nova talked about their views on marriage. Now, I had pretty much figured I was going to cry at this wedding. I don't cry about a whole lot of things, but there's something about weddings that just really gets me. And I just about lost it during this video.

After the video was over, they performed the actual ceremony, which was very beautiful, and I mentally cried a little bit more. When the ceremony was finished, the garter and the bouquet were thrown (and I admittedly had a burning desire to catch the bouquet, although I am sad to report that I did not succeed in doing so)and then it was time for dancing! I was very excited for this part, because it meant that I got to dance with Jimr, which is something we hadn't done yet. It took a little convincing, but eventually I got him on the dance floor. He's always told me that he's a terrible dancer. Well,he didn't lie, he's not great. But then again, neither am I. My best material is the African Anteater Ritual and the Big Shoe dance. And just so you can fully understand the tragedy of that statement (copy and paste into the address bar):

As terrible as our dancing was, I had a fantastic time. Slow dancing wasn't so hard, so at least we didn't look like epileptic chickens the whole time. As fun as everything was, though, I think the wedding cake almost topped everything. It was Pacman-themed! Here's a picture, because it's a little bit indescribable:

Not only is it adorable, but it also makes me wonder what married life between Pacman and Ms. Pacman would be like.

All in all, I had a lovely time at the wedding. It was so much fun, and I'd like to say congratulations to the newlyweds, Serene and Nova. You guys are kind of fantastic.

Now, on to slightly less exciting things.

Quote of the day: "Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without.” -James C. Dobson

Photo of the Day:

That's Serene and Nova. Hope you guys don't mind if I just go ahead and use one of your pictures here. (I did not take this):D

Word of the Day- Tintinnabulous-of or relating to bells or the ringing of bells.

Ocean Picture:

Congrats, Serene and Nova, I wish you all the best!
Love, Colours.