Saturday, June 23, 2012


Um. I'm not going to be writing in my blog for a while, probably. Sorry. Colours.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time to Rhyme

Today will be written in poem form. Since Blogspot is a butt and won't let me type things the way I like, I will insert a picture of today's poem-style journal entry. Quote of the day: "If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the inquisition might have let him alone." -Thomas Hardy. Picture of the day: Word of the day: Cataglottism- kissing with the tongue. Ocean Picture: My head is pounding, I'm sensitive to light. I'm very sleepy, so I must now say good night. Love, Colours.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picnic With Tea

I didn't go to sleep until about 9:00 this morning. Last night Mrs. MumfordMcAvoy spent the night at my house and we had a McAvoy Movie Marathon! We started at about 11:00 with an episode of the UK version of 'Shameless' (Starring James McAvoy of course) and just watched and watched movies until about 7:30 this morning. Here are all the movies we saw, in chronological order: Penelope, Horrible Bosses, (James McAvoy is not in this but I was instructed to watch it) Wanted, and Atonement. Penelope was adorable and sweet, Horrible Bosses was hilarious and of course a bit raunchy, Wanted was badass and sexy, and Atonement was just sad. The kind of sad that sticks with you all day and doesn't go away until the next morning, and even then there are still traces of it left behind as you eat your breakfast. It makes your milk taste a bit funny and the chocolate in your muffin go bitter though there's nothing immediately wrong. But Atonement also makes you want to pin up your hair and have a picnic with tea and leather journals and someone that you love very much. In short, it's a powerful movie. Thank you for showing it to me, Mrs. MumfordMcAvoy. Since the only sleep I've gotten in the recent past is a four hour nap this morning, I think I'm going to leave the writing at that and get to rest so I can hit the sack. Quote of the day: "Behind every stong soldier, there is an even stronger woman who stands behind him, supports him, and loves him with all her heart." -Unknown. Picture of the day: Word of the day: Evancalous- pleasant to embrace. Ocean Picture: Love, Colours.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Read ALL The Blog Posts!

FirePenguinDiscoPanda and I meme'd ourselves into oblivion today. Here's a few we did: (In response to FirePenguinDiscoPanda inviting me to spend the night at her house) That last one wasn't by us but I saw it and loved it. I plan to make many more memes, my mates. (Alliteration for the win.) Here's where you can make your own: And of course make your own ragecomics: (Only likes Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, because I guess Internet Explorer it too ghetto or something.) And now for the usual. Quote of the day: “I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.” -W.C. Fields. Photo: Word: Snollygoster- a shrewd, unprincipled person. Ocean photo: Well, everything's been covered now, so that leaves only one question. Yes. Yes I am. Love, Colours. (P.S. Tomorrow is Jimr's graduation party!!!!)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adam Levine is Eesome

So today I fully realized that Adam Levine is ultra-fine. I mean, just, look: Kind of hard to argue with. Lobstah and FirePenguinDiscoPanda and I made a nice little page on Facebook called "Adam Levine is sexay" and we had about ten posts up within the first six or so minutes. Because we're that good. And now I have Maroon 5 songs stuck in my head, which is okay because I did anyway. At least it's something other than Ingrid Michaelson. (Love her but I'm sick to death of waking up in the middle of the night hearing "Giving Up" in my head.) Other occurences that occured on this day where things occured: *I actually left the house!! Went to the library (had to go to the adult fiction section because suprisingly it took me until now to realize that all the books in the teen section are REALLY DUMB.) and I went to Walmart. (Never been so excited to go to Walmart.) *While I was at the library I drew a picture of a mermaid with books on the chalkboard table in the teen section. I hope someone finds it and enjoys it. *Tonight I watched Quantum of Solace. It was pretty good, but I think I liked Casino Royale better. I hope they come out with another Daniel Craig James Bond movie. (Daniel Craig is another attractive guy, despite my mother's claims that he looks like Charlie Brown all grown up. All I have to say to that is that I bet all the kids in the neighborhood regret not inviting Charlie Brown to all the parties if that's the case.) *I missed the transit of Venus. I'm gonna die without ever seeing it. I'm ashamed. *I did my hair cool today! Like this: And now I am done with the things I did today section of this post. Now. The quote of the day: “I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”- Bill Cosby. Today's pic: Word of the day: Eesome- pleasing to the eye. Example: Adam Levine is eesome. Today's ocean picture: Well, methinks I will now go to bed and dream of Adam Levine. (Don't worry Jimr, I still love you too :D) Love, Colours.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Won't Bore You With Flummery

Into the laundry stage of my room now. I finished about three of four loads today, and if I get up early tomorrow, I should be all done by the time I go to bed! Okay, so nothing really happened today, so I'm just going to spare you the boredom of hearing me talking about reading the care tags on pieces of clothing and get to the good stuff. Quote of the day: "Life is half spent before we know what it is.” -George Herbert. Pic: Word of the day: Flummery- meaningless chatter; also, deceptive language. Ocean Pic: Goodnight! Love, Colours.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Full Moon Shines on My Clean Bedroom

I am getting so close to a clean bedroom. Now I just have to dust, vaccuum, and get this weird stain out of the carpet. It really is a mystery, that stain. Don't know what it is, what it's from, when it happened, or how long it's been there. It's just there. Oh, and I have to do my laundry. That's the real challenge. At least today I actually went farther than the front lawn. After dinner Dad and Megaman and I all walked to the Sonic and bought ourselves some ice cream. It was good, but now I am horrendously full and I am wondering how I'm going to get to sleep tonight with this full of a stomach. Speaking of the night, I'm excited because tomorrow night is the full moon. I am planning on spending a good portion of tomorrow night laying on the floor in my room staring at it. Also, did you hear that the 5th is the transit of Venus? I can't wait to see it :D. Hopefully I don't forget and miss it because it isn't happening again until 2117. If you're wondering what it looks like: That's a photo from the last transit, which was in 2004. That black spot is Venus. Now the only question is, how do I look at this upcoming one without blinding myself? Hmmmm... Well, here's the quote for today: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso. And the photo of the day: And the word of the day: Callipygian- having shapely buttocks. And the ocean photo of the day: Tomorrow I will be free and have a clean bedroom! Love, Colours.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just Been Boondoggling

I have had "Giving Up" by Ingrid Michaelson stuck in my head all day. All day. It's not a bad song, and I guess I don't sound so terrible when I sing it to myself, but I wish my brain would move on! I guess I can add it to my list of Ingrid Michaelson songs I know by heart. Unfortunately, not much has happened today besides me getting a song stuck in my head. I cleaned my bedroom some more. Found some jewelry I'd been looking for for a while. Drew some pictures. Made a couple sets on Polyvore. (one of which containing James McAvoy and the other containg Marcus Mumford. You're welcome, Mrs. MumfordMcAvoy.) And apparently it's time to cuddle with my puppy. (Ellie just plopped her big furry butt in my lap.) Don't expect a whole bunch more excitement tomorrow, either. Maybe Monday. Mkay, the quote: “Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.” -Gilbert K. Chesterton. Today's Picture:
Word of the day: Boondoggle- an unnecessary activity or wasteful expenditure. And the newest feature, the Ocean Photo of The Day! :
Hope you had a more interesting day than I did. Love, Colours.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ocean Pains

Recently, I've really been getting the itch to travel. Every night I dream of the ocean and every day I dream of going camping and floating down a river in a canoe. The last couple of nights I've been sleeping with my blinds and curtains all the way open so I can see the moon and stars, I think because that way I feel like there's more than just the inside of my house. (I'm getting a little house happy, too. Not allowed to leave until my room's clean) I would love to visit my aunt in Texas again. The last time was wonderful. She had two houses, one in Houston, and one in Galveston, and the one in Galveston was almost right on the beach. We went to stay there the second half of my visit, and let's just say that I'm pretty sure I know where I want to live when I'm older. There's really nothing like looking out the window when you first wake up and being able to see the waves crashing on the shore. (In case you haven't noticed, I love the ocean. I have this weird connection to it. If I'm away from the ocean too long, it actually starts to hurt. I've been a little achy recently, so looks like it's about time again.) Hopefully this summer I'll get to go somewhere. Well, here's the quote: "Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away." -Sarah Kay. And today's photo:
And today's word: Estivate- to spend the summer. Also, a picture of the ocean because why not:
I think I'll start posting an ocean-y picture every time I post now, too. Love, Colours.