Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Full Moon Shines on My Clean Bedroom

I am getting so close to a clean bedroom. Now I just have to dust, vaccuum, and get this weird stain out of the carpet. It really is a mystery, that stain. Don't know what it is, what it's from, when it happened, or how long it's been there. It's just there. Oh, and I have to do my laundry. That's the real challenge. At least today I actually went farther than the front lawn. After dinner Dad and Megaman and I all walked to the Sonic and bought ourselves some ice cream. It was good, but now I am horrendously full and I am wondering how I'm going to get to sleep tonight with this full of a stomach. Speaking of the night, I'm excited because tomorrow night is the full moon. I am planning on spending a good portion of tomorrow night laying on the floor in my room staring at it. Also, did you hear that the 5th is the transit of Venus? I can't wait to see it :D. Hopefully I don't forget and miss it because it isn't happening again until 2117. If you're wondering what it looks like: That's a photo from the last transit, which was in 2004. That black spot is Venus. Now the only question is, how do I look at this upcoming one without blinding myself? Hmmmm... Well, here's the quote for today: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso. And the photo of the day: And the word of the day: Callipygian- having shapely buttocks. And the ocean photo of the day: Tomorrow I will be free and have a clean bedroom! Love, Colours.

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