Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art Club Historian Needs a New Swimsuit

So today I arrived at the very last Art Club of the school year to find that I had been chosen to be on the "government" of Art Club next year. I was confused, as I had not run for any office nor had I turned in a sheet. But I was reminded that I had volunteered for a position the previous Art Club meeting and I guess that was enough! So, I am now Art Club's brand new Historian for next year! (Mrs. MumfordMcAvoy is also a Historian, which is a position where your job is mostly to take pictures and document as much of Art Club as possible.) 1979 is now Vice President, and Rainy is secretary! Yay for art! And now, I need you guys' help with something. Next weekend I'm going on a camping trip (with FirePenguinDiscoPanda and Lobstah, who is visiting from Maine!!!) and I am planning on purchasing a new bathing suit. I have a few here to choose from and I was hoping I could get some opinions. Here they are:
In case it influences you decision, I am planning on finding something to go with this particular pair of shoes:
Opinions and comments are appreciated, whether in real life or on here. Also, here's today's quote: "I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday." -Eleanor Roosevelt. And here's today's fun new word: Filbert- either of two Eurasian hazels; Corylus avellana and C. maxima. And lastly, today's photo! :
Took this pic in a greenhouse while visiting ADDRESS WITHHELD with FirePenguinDiscoPanda and her parents. Who knew amish/mennonite towns were so much fun? Love, Colours

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